Embedded Boards
VIA Embedded Boards enable a new vision for the digital lifestyle, boasting low power consumption and rich integration on ultra compact form factors. Aimed at driving fast-emerging markets for smart connected devices, from stylish digital entertainment systems and feature-rich commercial embedded devices to mobile applications such as robotics and telematics, VIA embedded boards provide the ultimate platform for systems where size, low profile and power efficiency can be combined with a rich entertainment experience.
Embedded Platform Innovative Architecture
VIA EPIA® embedded boards are the embodiment of VIA's feature rich and power efficient platform technologies. EPIA® boards come in a variety of flavors and form factors. A mix of low-power embedded processors, core logic, networking, connectivity and multimedia components make up the wide selection of available Mini-ITX, Nano-ITX, Pico-ITX and Pico-ITXe embedded boards.
Mini-ITX VB Series
  The VB series, based on the Mini-ITX form factor, is designed for emerging segment markets and bring VIA's knowledge, ideas, and input to the customers. With the VB series, customers can define their product and application needs faster and more costeffectively.
Mini-ITX Desktop Series
  The ultra compact design and integrated feature set allows for the creation and innovation for a wide range of uses including home media centers, PCs, and file servers. VIA Mainboards provide the ultimate platform for systems where size, low profile and power efficiency can be combined with a rich entertainment and computing experience.
EPIA Mini-ITX Series
  The Mini-ITX form factor is designed to fit standard ATX mount points — ensuring a wide variety of compatible chassis. At just 17 cm x 17 cm, VIA EPIA® Mini-ITX provides a flexible, cost effective platform for an almost unlimited variety of applications.
EPIA Nano-ITX Series
  VIA developed the 12 cm x 12 cm EPIA® Nano-ITX embedded board as the ideal building block for a wide variety of applications requiring even smaller dimensions. With complete connectivity and multimedia technologies, the VIA EPIA® Nano-ITX gives developers even more scope for system size flexibility.
EPIA Pico-ITX Series
  VIA EPIA® Pico-ITX measures just 10 cm x 7.2 cm. Designed to enable x86 architecture for embedded systems where it was previously impractical for space reasons, the VIA EPIA® Pico-ITX provides an innovative platform alternative to any standard embedded board or x86 system on module.
ARM-based VAB Series
  The VIA VAB series embedded boards based on Pico-ITX form factor are ready-to-use platforms which feature ultra low power consumption, easy system integration, rich I/O and flexible software capabilities.
Wireless Modules
  VIA wireless LAN solutions follow IEEE 802.11 standards and provide wide selection of PCIe modules and USB modules/dongles to fulfill customer’s different requirements.
  Display modules, power boards, expansion modules and wireless modules.