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EPIA Mini-ITX Series

Model Name CPU Chipset LAN COM Port / USB2.0 Display
EPIA-M920 VIA QuadCore E / Eden® X2 VX11H 2 x Giga 4 / 6 + 3 USB 3.0 HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-M910 VIA QuadCore E / Nano® X2 E / Eden® X2 VX900 2 x Giga 8 / 8 HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-M900 VIA QuadCore E / Nano® X2 E VX900H One Gigabit
(1 more optional Giga)
4 / 10 HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-M860 VIA Nano® E VX900H One Gigabit 4 / 7 HDMI, VGA
EPIA-M850 VIA Nano® E VX900H One Gigabit 4 / 8 HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-M840 VIA Nano® E VX800 2 x Giga 8 / 6 LVDS
EPIA-M830 VIA Nano® E VX800 One Gigabit 4 / 5 LVDS
EPIA-M720 VIA C7® VX900H One Gigabit 1 / 8 HDMI, VGA

VIA launched the (now established industry) standard Mini-ITX form factor in 2002 and won global recognition in the embedded industry for its unfettered creativity. The launch proved to be the catalyst for a "Big Bang" of small form factor innovation among industry players. As a result, the VIA Mini-ITX form factor has been widely adopted for an enormous variety of small footprint systems and off-the-shelf platforms for rapidly bringing exciting new ideas to the embedded market.

The VIA Mini-ITX board form factor is a highly integrated native x86 platform measuring 17 cm x 17 cm and enables the development of an seemingly infinite variety of small form factor embedded systems. More than 33% smaller than the FlexATX mainboard form factor, the VIA Mini-ITX form factor is aimed at the development of thin clients, wireless network devices, digital media systems, set top boxes, embedded devices and more.

VIA's Mini-ITX boards successfully integrate various combinations of readily-available chipsets and processor components designed by VIA. The boards are uniquely designed to share the workload across the whole platform rather than being focused on the CPU. The onboard components come with rich feature sets that include ultra low power native x86 processors, onboard LAN and various integrated AGP graphics and audio options. Further enhancing its versatility, VIA Mini-ITX boards can include CompactFlash and CardBus slots, TV-out connector, SPDIF 5.1 audio, USB 2.0, 1394 (Firewire), integrated MPEG-2/WMV9 decoding, support for up to DDR2 667, SATA and much more.

Low Power and Fanless Design

When leveraging the ultra low power Eden™ processor core, VIA Mini-ITX boards provide an exceptionally low power consumption and fanless architecture for embedded system integrators. Not to be outdone, the VIA C7® 1.0GHz CPU can also achieve fanless and robust performance with its feature rich architecture. Founded by these low power and fanless components, VIA Mini-ITX boards establishes its dominance as a native embedded platform — enabling customers to start developing solutions from a reliable base with fewer worries and more application flexibility.

More Secure, More Reliable

VIA's embedded team delivers stronger and more reliable embedded platform solutions for system builders to reduce costs and enhance the value of their solutions. Acknowledging that security issues is increasingly important in both embedded and consumer industries, VIA embedded provides complete innovative solutions to customers. VIA Mini-ITX solutions leverage VIA's PadLock™ Security Engine — built into every VIA processor from the VIA C3® and up — and also may include the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) onboard to enhance security. The industry-leading VIA PadLock™ Hardware Security Suite is an advanced security technology providing on-die hardware acceleration for key cryptographic operations. The added security features enhance the security of multimedia and connectivity capabilities.

VIA Mini-ITX Product Applications

The Mini-ITX board form factor has been specifically designed for integration into small footprint chassis, including a growing number of embedded computing and information station reference systems. It can also be mounted in standard FlexATX and MicroATX chassis.

Mini-ITX Embedded System Benefits

Features Benefits
Small 17 cm x 17 cm board size • Enables small footprint system design
• Reduces overall system costs
Proven native x86 architecture • Leverages industry's existing hardware design and manufacturing infrastructure
• Utilizes existing software development tools and ensures complete compatibility
Rich I/O integration • Supports a complete range of I/O standards, including USB, TV-out, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, etc
• Reduces overall system costs
Standard platform for innovation • Provides a new standard format for OEM/ODM and system integrators
• Highly scaleable standard platform
Integrated AGP graphics and audio • High quality multimedia performance
• Reduces overall system costs
Slimline 50W power supply • Saves system space
• Enables fanless silent PC designs due to its low heat characteristics
• Reduces overall system costs
• Enhances reliability