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ARM-based VAB Series

Model Name CPU Chipset LAN COM Port / USB2.0 Display
VAB-1000 (Pico-ITX) Cortex-A9 - One Gigabit 2 / 2 + 1 mini 2 HDMI, LVDS
VAB-820 (Pico-ITX) Cortex-A9 - One Gigabit 2 / 4 + 1 OTG port HDMI, LVDS
VAB-600 (Pico-ITX) Cortex-A9 - 10/100 Mbps 2 / 1 + 2 mini Mini-HDMI, LVDS
VAB-800 (Pico-ITX) Cortex-A8 - 10/100 Mbps 2 / 4 + 1 client port Mini-HDMI, VGA, LVDS

The VIA ARM-based VAB series boards offer 7+ years of product longevity support, and feature the choice of single or dual core Freescale ARM Cortex processors for ready-to-use platforms.

Utilizing the cost efficient small footprint of the Pico-ITX form factor, these ultra compact ARM embedded boards are optimized for both performance and power to meet the high-end demands of advanced industrial and in-vehicle applications, while offering a comprehensive range of onboard I/O such as multiple COM ports and CAN Bus interfaces, The VAb series boards are also available with board support packages (BSP) for Android, and Ubuntu operating systems as well as Windows Embedded Compact 7.

  • 7+ years product lifecycle
  • Integrated with single or dual core Freescale ARM Cortex processors
  • Pico-ITX small form factor
  • Ultra low power consumption under 5W
  • Feature-rich I/O interface
  • Robust OS support
  • Availability of board support packages (BSP)