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Em-ITX Series

Em-ITX: The Flexible Embedded Board with Em-IO Expansion

Embedded ITX (Em-ITX) is a compact, versatile and highly integrated embedded board form factor initiated by VIA at the end of 2008. The Em-ITX measures in at 17 cm x 12 cm — 30% smaller than Mini-ITX and 30% larger than Nano-ITX. As a "midsized" small form factor, it is suitable for a diverse range of embedded systems especially with its unique dual-sided I/O coastline. In addition, Em-ITX has a special Em-IO interface for adding expansion modules for enhancing functionality in vertical applications.

For embedded system developers, flexibility in I/O configurations is necessary in order to meet diverse embedded applications. It is important for them to adopt a standard hardware platform which can substantially reduce development costs, risks, and time. The Em-ITX form factor enabled developers to design a system with solid performance and comprehensive I/Os using its unique dual-sided IO coastlines. In addition, the Em-IO expansion bus makes the form factor more flexible by enabling systems based on it to easily extend functionality with the use of Em-IO expansion modules. In case a new or different I/O is needed, or a small production volume is needed, a standard platform based on the Em-ITX form factor can be stacked with an alternate Em-IO expansion module. This can greatly reduce development costs and accelerate the product design cycle.

Because of its small size and dual-sided I/O coastlines, Em-ITX is well suited for ultra compact embedded system products. The dual-sided I/O coastlines enable the reduction of I/O cable clutter — resulting in the possibility of not only a thinner system design but also a more robust system design. Signal integrity is improved significantly because the need for most I/O cables is eliminated.

Em-ITX Features

‧ Dimensions: 17 cm x 12 cm
‧ Self-reliant embedded board that accommodates two full I/O coastlines. The baseboard can contain a series of standard interfaces, such as USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, mouse, keyboard, COM, Compact Flash, IDE, SATA, VGA, LVDS, and etc.
‧ Scalability in Em-IO interface
‧ Reliable 160-pin high density and ruggedized Em-IO interfa

Modularized Em-IO Interface Expansion

The Em-ITX uses the Em-IO expansion bus. The Em-IO integrates popular bus signals, including: USB 2.0, GPIO, LPC, PCI Express, Display Output signals, ACPI 3.0, and 3.3V/5V/12V DC Power signals. The Em-IO interface connector enables Em-IO expansion modules to be attached to Em-ITX form factor boards and further reduces troublesome cabling issues that are usually encountered when designing systems.

Faster Time to Market

VIA designs and manufactures a series of small form factor embedded boards and expansion I/O modules that support various industrial applications. For Em-ITX, VIA can also provide software support and firmware customization. The Em-IO module has many of the advantages of a custom design — greatly reducing engineering effort and achieving faster time to market. It can be designed to satisfy applications on networking, multimedia display, POI, POS, etc. VIA provides solid engineering capabilities and longevity support to bring customers’ products to market on time!

Robust and Easy Maintenance

The Em-ITX is the best small form factor for the design of ultra compact embedded systems because of its dual-sided I/O coastline, or as a modular platform with Em-IO expansion modules. It reduces the space requirement and minimizes cable problems and makes maintenance easier for critical 24/7 embedded applications. Not only cable-less, the system can be built with fewer parts and reduces TCO. The Em-ITX form factor is a reliable architecture to build on and a more economical solution for system designs.

Em -ITX Embedded System Benefits

Features Benefits
Small Form Factor ‧ Enables compact industrial embedded system designs
‧ Reduces overall system costs
Rich I/O Integration ‧ Dual connector coast lines supports a complete range of I/O devices: USB 2.0, GPIO, LPC, PCI Express, Display Output signals, ACPI 3.0, and 3.3V/5V/12V DC Power signals
Em-IO Expansion Bus ‧ Feature upgrades and expansion capability
‧ Flexible customized I/O options for various industrial applications
‧ Save cables effort and reduces total system cost
‧ Cost saving and reduces business risks
‧ Faster development and time to market