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EPIA Pico-ITX Series

Model Name CPU Chipset LAN COM Port / USB2.0 Display
EPIA-P910 VIA QuadCore E VX11H One Gigabit - / 6 + 2 USB 3.0 Mini-HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-P900 VIA Eden® X2 VX900H One Gigabit - / 7 HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-P830 VIA Nano® E VX900H One Gigabit - / 7 HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-P820 VIA Nano® ULV VX855 One Gigabit - / 6 HDMI, VGA, LVDS
EPIA-P720 VIA Eden® ULV VX855 One Gigabit - / 6 HDMI, VGA, LVDS

The Pico-ITX board form factor is a complete, native x86 embedded board measuring just 10 cm x 7.2 cm. Developed by VIA as part of its "Small is Beautiful" strategy, the Pico-ITX form factor is 75% smaller than the Mini-ITX form factor, and inspires innovative system design for future generations of smaller computing and connecting devices.

Smaller than the existing Mini-ITX and Nano-ITX, the Pico-ITX form factor is the latest advance for embedded board designs. As the third generation miniature platform conceived by VIA, it supersedes the previous title holder of "World's Smallest Full-Featured Board" by 50%.

The Pico-ITX form factor leverages VIA's focus on enhancing power efficiency, thermal management and feature integration. Designed specifically to be powered by VIA's energy efficient processor platforms, such as the VIA C7R or fanless VIA Eden™ processor, and based on the new breed of VIA's system media processors, such as the VX700M, the Pico-ITX combines processing power, core logic, graphics, multimedia, connectivity, and storage technologies into a tiny form factor.

With VIA's twofold vision of propelling x86 platform usage more widely and empowering more people to enjoy the digital lifestyle, the Pico-ITX embedded board form factor is designed to enable system developers and OEMs to create smaller, lighter, quieter, and even more mobile devices than ever before — opening up a new world of possibilities across multiple embedded computer, system, and appliance segments.

Ultra compact form factor targeted at embedded markets

Car PC Digital Signage In-flight Entertainment Industrial Automation Control Traffic Control Robot

Pico-ITX and Nano-ITX Embedded System Benefits

Features Benefits
Ultra compact size • Enables small footprint system designs
• Reduces overall system costs
Complete x86 platform • Fully compatible with standard x86 hardware and software, offering the advantage of flexibility, connectivity, upgradeable
• Supports a complete range of I/O standards: USB, COM, DVI, LVDS, 10/100Mbps Ethernet, etc
• Reduces overall system costs
VIA processor platform • Ultra low power consumption
• Passive (fanless) cooling
• Enables more compact system designs
Slimline 30W power supply • Saves system space
• Enables fanless silent PC designs due to its low heat characteristics
• Reduces overall system costs
• Enhances reliability