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VIA ACE-CNX Security Software Service
VIA ACE-CNX is customer centered service that connects developers with VIA's expert software team, helping to build successful and secured solutions that take advantage of VIA's unique hardware-based ACE security engine. Through working closely with the customer, VIA's security software team can create a tailor-made solution that implements rigorous data encryption that meets with widely accepted international standards.

All VIA processors, including VIA Nano, VIA C7 and VIA Eden processors have an advanced cryptographic engine (ACE) integrated into their core. This unique security engine includes a range of functions including an AES cryptographic algorithm, a Secure Hash Algorithm, Montgomery multiplier, random number generator, and NX Execute Protection.

Having these unique features embedded in the core of the central processor brings tremendous advantages when implementing data encryption, bringing a seamless, fast and entirely unobtrusive experience to the end user.

The VIA ACE-CNX service allows our customers to get the most of these integrated security features, creating an end-to-end protected infrastructure. Here are some broad examples of how ACE-CNX can help customers improve their security through hardware-based encryption:
    Data protection: Regardless of whether data resides on server, in the cloud or even on a simple USB memory stick, ACE-CNX can help customers to fully encrypt their valuable data, so that access can only be granted by punching in the right access key. This eliminates fear of data theft and makes large, cumbersome software security layers redundant.
    Secure file sharing: Organizations can secure file access between client PCs across a range of network types including wirelessly connected mobile PCs, desktops and servers without concern for a weakness in the network. Encrypted data remains out of reach from spyware, malware and hackers.
    Proprietary Content and Software Protection: Valuable proprietary software can be protected, and controlled through rigorous data encryption, retaining control of valuable IP. Likewise proprietary media content displayed on a digital signage system can be securely remote managed across a network with content encrypted at both ends.
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>> For more information about the VIA ACE-CNX Security Service please contact embedded@via.com.tw