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COM Express™ Series

Model Name CPU Chipset LAN COM Port / USB2.0 Display
COMe-9X90 (Basic, Type 6) VIA Nano® X2 E series VX11H One Gigabit - / 6 + 2 USB 3.0 HDMI, VGA, LVDS, DisplayPort
COMe-8X91 (Mini, Type 10) VIA Eden® X2 VX900 One Gigabit - / 8 HDMI, LVDS, DisplayPort
COMe-8X92 (Compact, Type 6) VIA Nano® X2 E series VX900H One Gigabit - / 4 + 4 USB 3.0 HDMI, VGA, LVDS, DisplayPort
COMe-8X90 (Basic, Type 6) VIA Nano® X2 E series VX900H One Gigabit - / 4 + 4 USB 3.0 HDMI, LVDS, DisplayPort
COMe-8X80 (Basic, Type 2) VIA Nano® VX800 10/100 Mbps - / 6 VGA, LVDS

Many products in the VIA Embedded portfolio employ a modular design strategy that allows our customers the freedom to easily customize and modify existing designs creating new and exciting devices in much faster design cycles, using fewer resources.

COM Express™ Module

Make use of its multiple I/O baseboard and application specific customization for modular solutions evaluation.

VIA COM Express™ are set to customize module solutions for high-level embedded applications, and support system expansion and application specific customization. Designed with low power consumption and high multimedia performance, the VIA COM Express™ series is targeted at industrial PCs and large OEM customers focused on dynamic application segments, including gaming, healthcare, military, transport and industrial automation. Customers can take advantage of a proprietary multi-I/O baseboard for evaluation purposes, or can utilize VIA's extensive technical support in developing a custom baseboard.

VIA System-on-Module Features:
  • COTS designs that can be tailored to specific requirements and applications
  • Full breadth of CPU performance range including multi-core readiness
  • Availability of starter kits, embedded APIs, tools, technical documentation and SDKs
  • Optimized to address SWaP-C (Space, Weight, Power, and Cost) requirements
  • Comprehensive supports of RTOS and GPOS